Our Vision

Providing a community for families with multiples through every age and stage.

Our Mission

Families with multiples face unique challenges. We are committed to supporting our community through education and friendship.

Supporting Parents of Multiples Since 1968

The Edmonton Twin and Triplet Club (ETTC) was founded in January 1968, as a local support organization for parents of multiple births (twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc.). The ETTC strives to give support to those parents expecting multiples and to those parents who have multiples at home.

Club Overview

We offer monthly general meetings that feature informative programs with guest speakers on topics ranging from parenting to self-esteem. The meeting format consists of and includes a discussion of general club business, an organized program featuring a wide range of topics of interest to club members (self-defense, parenting tips, and children’s issues and advertising, to name just a few) and general “good times.”

Besides the general meeting, members of the ETTC enjoy coffee parties within their own area of the city or outlying area. This allows parents to share parenting tips over a cup of coffee without the children around.

Our various Support Program connect members with each other to offer support and advice. Parents are encouraged to borrow literature from our library of resource materials. An extensive library of books, tapes and videos are available on a monthly basis.

Area gatherings are also held in different areas of the city or outlying centers for the purpose of discussing and resolving any problems that you may be experiencing and for socializing and relaxing.

Family events are also put on by the ETTC.

Membership Benefits

Paid Membership Offers:

Monthly e-Newsletters Bereavement Support
Buddy Support Program Shopping Discounts
New Parents Meetings Family Christmas Party
Spring & Fall Clothing Sales Family Summer Picnic
Free Library Resources Monthly General Meetings
Breastfeeding Information Meeting Door Prizes
*All for only $40


If you have questions or concerns about the club please feel free to contact any of our Executive. Our Friendship Director would be happy to talk to you and can be reached at (780) 455-5520 or by e-mail to friendship@ettc.ca, or visit our FAQ section.

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