Membership in a club that shares a common interest… our kids!

Frequently Asked Questions:


About Club Membership:

Q:How much is a membership with the ETTC?
A:$40 which must be renewed annually.

About the Clothing Sale:

Q:Do I have to be a member to participate in the sale?
A:Yes, only people with an active membership can enter clothing in the sale. Individual tables are not for rent.
Q:As a member, can I bring my family to shop with me?
A:Your membership card provides you and one other person access during the members only shopping.
Q:I am NOT a member, can I still shop at the clothing sale?
A:Yes, the public is invited to shop during public shopping hours. There is a $1 admission fee.

About Club Events:

Q:Are club events limited to members only?
A:General Meetings are open to the general public as well as members. Most club events are limited to members only. Families can bring their immediate families, if they require an extra set of hands. Sometimes the rental facilities (for example: pools or churches) have a number restrictions, so it is best to ask the organizer of the event.


“Having the support of someone else who knows what it is like to have two (or more) babies is invaluable.” —ETTC Member