Just found out you’re going to be the lucky parents of twins, triplets or quadruplets?

Join a strong and vibrant group and enjoy MULTIPLE benefits!

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Monthly e-Newsletters Bereavement Support
Buddy Support Program Shopping Discounts
New Parents Meetings Family Christmas Party
Spring & Fall Clothing Sales Family Summer Picnic
Free Library Resources Monthly General Meetings
Breastfeeding Information Meeting Door Prizes
*All for only $40

*Membership must be renewed annually to receive uninterrupted access to resources and club benefits

Bonus Benefit

Members of the Edmonton Twin and Triplet Club are also automatic members of the national organization Multiple Births Canada. Our members have access to the resource materials, support programs and discount programs provided by MBC.


If you have questions or concerns about the club please feel free to contact any of our Executive. Our Friendship Director would be happy to talk to you and can be reached at (780) 455-5520 or by e-mail at friendship@ettc.ca.

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