Membership in a club that shares a common interest… our kids!

Resources & Support

The ETTC strives to provide support to those parents expecting multiples and to those parents who have multiples at home through several programs and resources.

Many of our programs connect members in similar situations so they can support each other. Our Buddy Support program connects members one on one. Single Parent Support, New Parents Support, 3, 4 or More Support and Alumni Support join groups of people together for a larger support network.

Breastfeeding Support, Post-partum Depression Support, and Bereavement Support positions are filled by volunteers interested in answering your questions, providing you the resources you need and listening to your needs.

Are you a member? Check here on how to contact our support volunteers.

You can also access our library resources or the resources of our national organization, Multiple Births Canada. As an ETTC member, our newsletter will keep you up to date on what our Support Groups are doing and help you stay connected with the club as a whole.


“Having the support of someone else who knows what it is like to have two (or more) babies is invaluable.” —ETTC Member