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Managing Multiples Classes

Our next meeting is February 10, 2018

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2018 Spring "We've Outgown It" Sale

Scheduled for Spring 2018

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Friday New Parent's Group

Anyone is welcome!

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Managing Multiples Class

Expecting multiples is a unique experience. It can bring both joys and concerns. We understand your situation because we’ve been there. We have twins or triplets, and sometimes older and younger siblings too. We know you have questions for someone who has been there before you. This class doesn’t address the medical issues that are…


The Edmonton Twin and Triplet Club scholarship was created as a contribution to our society via the younger generation. We will be giving out annually, a maximum of 8 scholarships at $1,000 each or 16 scholarships at $500 each depending on the number of qualifying applicants. To apply or for more information, please click here,…

Spring Sale

For over 30 years the Edmonton Twin and Triplet Club has hosted twice a year (fall and spring) the “We’ve Outgrown It Sale”. What began as a way for parents to exchange gently used clothing and children’s items has grown into a huge success known to many parents of young children in the city of…